Challenging the status quo to ensure your business has inspiring, motivated and committed talent from a wide range of backgrounds.

We are known for working alongside, and challenging, our clients to identify the right recruitment fit for their needs.

While not every position has to be full-time, operating from the office, or permanent, nor can every job be part-time, flexible or delivered remotely. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint the right hiring strategy for your company now, and the opportunities for the future, ensuring a stable, productive and positive working environment for all.

Our clients include

The Hospital Club
Velcro UK
Imagine Curve
Pensions Infrastructure Platform

Senior HR and finance talent search

Looking to find your next senior leader to take your business through the stratosphere?

We have a proven track record of recruiting executives, directors and board members from a diverse range of backgrounds, quickly and successfully first time. We understand, analyse and digest our clients’ brief and advise on appropriate packages, considering the current mood of the market, before any advert is placed. Then prospective candidates are vetted and reference checked before being put forward for interview.

We have access to an exclusive pool of global and board level leaders, including many women, who are discreetly considering new opportunities.

We are focused, effective and efficient at securing the right candidate, for the long-term.

Contract, interim and flexible appointments

Research shows that a diverse and flexible attitude to the work environment can result in increased productivity, a higher staff morale and savings on overheads and costs. We can show you how to make this a reality for your organisation.

We have hundreds of executives from across the country, including heads of departments, directors and assistant chief executives, ready to parachute into your organisation and start taking it to the next level, immediately. Our talent is experienced in a wide variety of industries including, international banking, global construction firms and national retailers. Many of these are women wanting to utilise their expertise to support an organisation and continue their careers, while securing the flexibility they need.

Inclusive Recruiting is adept at devising the right roles, polices and incentives to make flexible working practices a long-term success, rather than an interim fix.


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