FACT- You really are an asset…and you need to believe it.

I took a part-time job when I wasn’t able to return to work after maternity leave in an industry in which I had no experience, in a town that I hadn’t lived in since I was 18 years old and to say that it took me some time to adjust, is a bit of an understatement. It wasn’t the unfamiliar surroundings, the new work colleagues, the demands of the new job or getting my head around the bizarre office rules that got to me the most, it was adjusting to the comments that I received from my co-workers and my manager because I was only a part time member of staff. I am sure that lots of it was banter, meant to start a conversation and to get a laugh, and please don’t misunderstand me, I am not known to be a sensitive soul, but there were times when I could feel those comments getting on top of me. The highlight of my time at that company was when my boss plonked himself on the seat beside me half way through the afternoon and loudly proclaimed “still here?” before dismissing all of the work related questions that I had for him and taking himself off tohis ivory tower with my work colleague who regularly puled all-nighters in the office. It was easy to feel as though I had become a no-one,  just taking up a desk and chair for a few hour ssurrounded by people who clearly felt that they could do so much better as they spent twice as long in the office as me every week.

These situations taught me a lesson that I am keen to share with others; you can’t control the dribble that will come out of people’s mouths but you can control how you react to them. The best that you can have is to hold your head high, to believe in yourself and your ability and to go on and produce results that will shoot all of those nay-sayers out of the water and have your colleagues just wishing that they could be you! So on this cold and grey January day, now is the time to give yourself a shake, to take stock of the exceptional talent that you possess and to remember that you really are an asset!