Look out 2019, here we come!


Last year was an amazing journey of learning, realisation, discovery, experimentation and change.

We found ourselves re-examining our business’ purpose and direction. Following some deep discussions we realised that some of the piecemeal personal development workshops and training we’ve been offering to clients there was a passion being ignored, and an opportunity for bringing about real change.

So we launched our new training programme of Inclusive Recruiting, and then decided the programme name was a better fit for across our business strands. So after five years trading under the name of Availexe, we rebranded in August.

The final quarter of the year was a whirlwind of test sessions with critical friends (thank you to everyone who helped and listened), two-hour training taster sessions, delivering our first courses, attending and speaking at conferences, networking as well as still securing outstanding candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds for our clients who use our recruitment services.

As we start 2019 our plans include growing both the training and recruitment arms of our business. After operating a fairly lean ship in recent years, we will be hiring more staff. We will be hosting more briefings for our training programme, our first one of the year next week in London, is already fully booked. We aim to ensure that our services are available across the UK and plan to deliver more briefings in various cities across the regions, as well as attend more conferences, offer our expertise as speakers and highlight the inequalities that perpetuate the workplace. We may even open a new office near Leeds.

We’ve always believed that we are disruptors in the recruitment market, from initially being focussed on helping women get in, and returning to, executive positions after career breaks, our redefined focus is on promoting diversity in all its forms and improving inclusion. We’re now not trying to change things by pushing from the outside, we’re offering to do it from within, working with our clients’ staff, not despite or in opposition to them – this way, we will effect change far quicker.