Diversitea podcast series

Welcome to our Diversitea podcast series – open discussions on all things D&I in business; from LGBT+ representation to the gender pay gap, disability, and social mobility.

Hosted by Inclusive Recruiting’s Chris Allan.

Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Episode #4:

Our Pride Month episode is a little bit different! We’re so fortunate to have some amazing LGBTQ+ representation in our networks and as friends. We asked them what Pride means to them and what businesses can do to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive and this is what they had to say.

Huge thanks to Brandon Ashford, Sophie Turner, Hannah Williamson, Katie Neeves, Charlotte Wells and Charlotte Summers for their wonderful contributions.

Here’s the video!

Or listen here

What Does Pride Mean To You?


Episode #3:

In this episode we spill the tea on all things Neurodiversitea (see what we did there?!). We discuss what employers can do to support more applications from neurodiverse talent, as well as how they can support them in the workplace and from home during Covid 19. We also speak about what universities can do to be more inclusive of neurodiverse students at jobs fairs and through careers teams.

Hosted by
  • Chris Allan
Special guests:
  • Paige Randall – University of Nottingham
  • Nikki Hayford – Unik Seek
  • Stuart Blair – Texthelp
Listen here

Neurodiversitea – Neurodiversity in the workplace


Episode #2:

We spill the tea this week on the viral video ‘Be A Lady They Said’, discussing how some of the messages may resonate in business and if the graphic images used throughout the video were needed to get the point across.

Hosted by
  • Chris Allan
Special guests:
  • Vanessa Johnson-Burgess – Director, Inclusive Recruiting
  • Sophie Turner – Founder, #YesSheCan
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Be A Lady They Said

*Please note, due to current conditions with internet connections some of the audio may be a little distorted*

Watch the video ‘Be A Lady They Said’  [**warning: contains some graphic images which may offend]


Episode #1:

A discussion around the word queer, the pro’s and cons and why education is important if it is to become a recognised term in business.

The conversation then looks at the importance of LGBT+ representation in business – the benefits & the struggles. And why do so many people go back in the closet when they join a new business?

Hosted by
  • Chris Allan
Special guests:
  • Alex Ehmke – Pink News
  • Hannah Williamson – AstraZeneca
  • Charlotte Summers – Freelance
  • Pat Caldwell – Fundapps
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Don’t Call Me Queer