All Things Inclusive


Welcome to our brand new podcast series.

Hear from our founder Vanessa Johnson-Burgess, a diversity and inclusion practitioner who has more than two decades experience delivering HR and recruitment services to international corporations, as she talks to guests about what inclusion really looks like, not only in the workplace but in wider society as well.

Be prepared for some frank and honest opinions as well as nuggets of advice for those wanting to make a real impact on inclusion within their organisation.




Episode 1: All Things Equity

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast series where our host Vanessa Johnson-Burgess is tackling the subject of equity with her guest Heeral Gudka, from Convergent Consulting.

Together they examine what equity actually means and how it can be explained to those struggling to grasp the concept. They also look at a few examples of equity in practice and how that has ultimately evolved into equality.

Stay tuned to the end to find out their own choices of how they would like to see greater equity applied to the workplace.

If you’ve enjoyed this episode please share it on your social media channels and with your friends, and if you’d like to find out more about how Heeral can help you, your business and support your diversity and inclusion agenda visit her website.