The Reality of Flexible Work

Flexible work might seem like a buzz word, but it’s not. It is a tangible way that many people use to attain live / work balance. There are many reasons why people choose to work flexibly. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Caring for a child or another relative
  • They are studying at the same time
  • They want to pursue a hobby or another interest
  • Health issues permit them from working outside of the home

Whatever the case is, flexible work is a real solution for professional talent to use their skills without compromising on their lifestyle. The case study below is an example of how it can work in reality. It is the success story of one of our consultants Sam, written in her own words.

I worked for a number of large companies as a marketing manager before I had my children. I had always thought about setting up as a marketing consultant, but I had never been brave enough to take the plunge.

When I started looking for a new opportunity, I sent my CV out, and I had a lot of interest from recruitment agencies about full time positions. However, I did not feel excited or inspired about the prospect of working full time again whilst my children were still young.

I Googled “flexible marketing consultant,” and Availexe came up in the search. I sent my CV over and got a call back within 24 hours. Availexe were very responsive and I had a meeting with my first client within 2 weeks.

Availexe placed me with a company a month after signing up, and it’s been going well. I got a role as a marketing consultant within a finance company, which is a different sector to where I had worked previously. The good thing is that my skills are transferable.

The initial role was for one day a week at the clients’ office, and it lasted for 2.5 months. We are taking a break for the summer, but I will be going back to work with them further in September.

I have been able to manage my time really well. Mondays – Wednesdays tend to be my work days, and I normally spend Thursdays and Fridays with my daughters.

Setting up on your own as a consultant is daunting, but it is also exciting and Availexe have been very supportive.”

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