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We provide diverse, outstanding, HR and finance talent and deliver innovative workshop programmes to progressive organisations serious about embedding inclusion and belonging.

Founded in 2013, Inclusive Recruiting is the go-to company for securing diverse, outstanding, executive talent and a provider of cutting edge workshops and training programmes for senior leaders and hiring managers to ensure real inclusion in recruitment processes.

The business case for diversity is clear: organisations that are more diverse, are a third more likely to outperform their competitors, according to McKinsley & Company. Some 85 per cent of employers say diversity is a priority, however only 45 per cent have a strategy in place, and for 38 per cent finding candidates in the first place is their biggest hurdle.

Proactive Diversity

At Inclusive Recruiting we work with businesses proactively seeking to address under-representation in senior positions and board rooms. We are proud to be contributing to re-balancing the gender, disability and ethnic minority pay gap.

For every position we fill we offer our clients a candidate list which not only meets the person specification but includes a wide range of candidate profiles. We are in the unique position of having access to a fantastic global talent pool of industry leaders and senior managers who have already supported corporations to boost productivity and creativity, improve employee engagement and ultimately increase turnover.

However unlike traditional recruitment agencies we do not stop at filling a position. In addition we also offer our clients an opportunity to build their own diversity resilience through a comprehensive suite of training to help build effective inclusive recruiting skills within their own organisations. Working directly with hiring managers and senior leaders we equip them with the ability to attract, recruit and retain diverse talent, as organisations strive to become more inclusive.

Passionate about recruiting

Please take at look at this video to hear more about why we created Inclusive Recruiting and why we are passionate about what we do and so determined to push for change –

Through our Inclusive Recruiting talent search and in-depth workshops we are dedicated to helping clients meet their recruitment needs, diversify their organisation’s talent and maximise business performance now and for the future.

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