Inspirational training

We believe that to make a real difference in the working environment you have to empower the leaders of today, and the future, to think and act differently. We participate and lead  many training events, conferences and discussions, providing insight, knowledge and practical understanding of flexible working and equality within the workplace. We also provide mentoring services for HR professionals at various stages in their career.

Our workshops have been created to support organisations to develop their leaders. These workshops help to drive an alignment of culture across the leadership organisation and are delivered in an action oriented and engaging style. We encourage challenge and participation from the delegates whilst ensuring the key learning objectives are embedded.

The concept of our Leadership workshops was driven by a desire to create a better leader for the organisations that we were placing candidates into. We have over 15 years of experience L&D and Workshop creation and development. 

With a proven record of delivering exceptional, challenging and inspiring leadership workshops. Inclusive Recruiting is in the unique position of having a wider foundation knowledge than standard training organisations. We have developed exceptional learning tools from our experience of working across HR, Recruitment and L&D, that are delivered to leaderships teams globally with the development of those leaders, and the organisations growth, at the front of mindset.

Inclusive Recruiting

Inclusive Recruiting is a programme of three workshops which build capability in hiring managers to recruit, retain and lead a diverse and inclusive workforce. It consists of three interactive, small group workshops: Inclusive Recruitment, Inclusive Induction & Onboarding and Inclusive Leadership. They are not lectures, they demand participation, in depth, frank and confidential discussions from attendees.


Inclusive Recruitment covers:

  • The case for diversity and inclusion in recruitment
  • Building the recruitment process – understanding the biases in play
  • Sourcing and attracting candidates
  • Application screening
  • Selection and interviewing
  • Decision making and offer.

Inclusive Induction & Onboarding includes:

  • Completing vetting procedures
  • Understanding the impact of your process
  • Induction processes – what’s working, what’s not?
  • Communication an duration
  • Successfully completed – now what?

Inclusive Leadership focuses on:

  • Team building
  • Managing a flexible workforce
  • Handling and resolving conflict
  • Mentorship
  • Continuous improvement and building for the future.




In addition, we also offer the following training programmes: –

  • Think Inclusive Interviewing
  • HR for Non-HR Managers
  • Having Effective Conversations
  • Mental Health at Work
  • Cultivating Diversity
  • Aligning Culture
  • Mentoring

We are highly regarded for working alongside our clients to identify the right leadership workshops for their organisation and then spending time in the pre work stage to ensure it is specifically fit to their organisational culture and development needs.

Our programmes are for 12 to 14 delegates and are full day sessions with pre work and follow up. Delegates walk away with workbooks, tools and follow up work to extend the learning and apply it directly to their roles.

Delegates are expected to prepare for the workshops by participating in set tasks in advance, and will also be invited to attend follow up sessions with workshop peers where you will be able to share your successes, check your understanding and continue to build your capabilities. This approach ensures that delegates embed what they have learnt to be able to create long lasting, continuous change and progress within an organisation.

Please note, we are able to tailor our workshops to the individual needs of your business and can be flexible on the number of delegates attending, when required.


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“Lonza has been working with Inclusive Recruiting now for just over 2 years. From the beginning Vanessa & Anna have taken the time to understand Lonza and the Shared Service Centre, where they tailored solutions for us be means of Diversity & Inclusion and HR for Non-HR Managers which were followed-up up with regular and timely feedback and coaching to the participants. The approach to this day has been referred to in the highest esteem.”