Our Team

The Inclusive Recruiting team are passionate and determined to break down barriers and make a real difference. We champion social mobility and are proud to put Diversity & Inclusion at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is to smash through old recruitment methods and bring true inclusion and belonging into the workplace!

Proactive Diversity

At Inclusive Recruiting we work with businesses proactively seeking to address under-representation in senior positions and board rooms. We are proud to be contributing to re-balancing the gender, disability and ethnic minority pay gap.

For every position we fill we offer our clients a candidate list which not only meets the person specification but includes a wide range of candidate profiles. We are in the unique position of having access to a fantastic global talent pool of industry leaders and senior managers who have already supported corporations to boost productivity and creativity, improve employee engagement and ultimately increase turnover.

However unlike traditional recruitment agencies we do not stop at filling a position. In addition we also offer our clients an opportunity to build their own diversity resilience through a comprehensive suite of training to help build effective inclusive recruiting skills within their own organisations. Working directly with hiring managers and senior leaders we equip them with the ability to attract, recruit and retain diverse talent, as organisations strive to become more inclusive.

Challenging the status quo

Challenging the status quo to ensure your business has inspiring, motivated and committed talent from a wide range of backgrounds.

We are known for working alongside, and challenging, our clients to identify the right recruitment fit for their needs.

While not every position has to be full-time, operating from the office, or permanent, nor can every job be part-time, flexible or delivered remotely. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint the right hiring strategy for your company now, and the opportunities for the future, ensuring a stable, productive and positive working environment for all.

Our clients include

The Hospital Club
Velcro UK
Imagine Curve
Pensions Infrastructure Platform


“I have had the pleasure of working with Inclusive recruiting for a number of roles within my organisation. The recruitment team’s passion and desire to put the right candidates forward is the best I have experienced from a recruitment agency. My consultant took complete control and listened to the desired skills I was looking for, resulting in the right candidates being shortlisted for interview and maximised the potential of the selected candidate being successful in the organisation once they joined. I would 100% recommend Inclusive recruitment as a recruitment partner.”

Lee Cook, Velcro Operations Manager

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“Lonza has been working with Inclusive Recruiting now for just over 2 years. From the beginning Vanessa & Anna have taken the time to understand Lonza and the Shared Service Centre, where they tailored solutions for us be means of Diversity & Inclusion and HR for Non-HR Managers which were followed-up up with regular and timely feedback and coaching to the participants. The approach to this day has been referred to in the highest esteem.”


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