Our Values

We fear no one and nothing in our purpose driven approach to inclusion. We don’t need permission and we won’t wait for fear of failure.
We all have ideas and sometimes our ideas are better than others, we share those ideas loudly, wildly and proudly to support inclusion and business growth.
If you keep doing things the same way, things will never change. We are ready to challenge you to do better.
Our team are honest, genuine, approachable, friendly and fun, and free to be themselves.

Meet the Team

Creating inclusive workplaces, free from inequality and inequity, where everyone feels valued and can truly belong.

Dom Szczecinski

Recruitment & HR Advisor


As a Recruitment & HR Advisor, I enjoy helping our clients on their journeys and doing so with the values of our company has a huge meaning to me.

My biggest drive and the reason why I do this, is because there is no better feeling than helping someone to achieve their goals.

My superpower is caring and helping others and seeing them succeed through my help and support.

Samantha Blake

Samantha Blake

Director of Projects & Partnerships


Hi! I’m Director of Projects & Partnerships at Inclusive Recruiting.

I do this role because I feel empowered to be part of the change I want to see and from personal experience I believe change is needed.

My superpower is finding and delivering the right solution, challenging the status quo for positive progress with a smile 🙂

Jason Burgess

E-Learning Lead


As the E-Learning Lead for Inclusive Recruiting and ALBOHR, I enjoy supervising every stage of the e-Learning project internally and externally, leading the project's implementation with our clients. 

I'm responsible for ensuring goals for the e-Learning strategy are achieved, through the build and evaluation at different levels.
My superpower is the ability to have a laugh with anyone, here's a taster "Do you know why you shouldn't trust atoms? They make up everything." I have a habit of bad jokes and I am always happy to assist in sharing them, but mostly I am here to help. 🙂

Sophia Simpson

Marketing & Communications Manager


I'm the Marketing & Comms Manager for Inclusive Recruiting and A little bit of HR. My focus is on communicating our opportunities and services to clients and candidates, managing the social media accounts for both brands, designing marketing materials and supporting the team to get our messaging out to an as wide and diverse audience as possible!

My friends tell me I’m a good cook and working in marketing and communications can be like making a big family meal – lots to prepare, many elements needing to be checked on and monitored, but such great satisfaction when it's finally served and I get to share and shout about the amazing work our team is doing every day!

Most of all I love the work we do to create a sense of belonging in the workplace. If at the end of a training workshop or after a successful placement we have given someone the confidence to feel comfortable being truly themselves, then we are achieving what we set out to do.

Priya Cinar

Director of Strategic Recruitment Services


I love and enjoy the varied nature of the work at Inclusive Recruiting, the diversity in our organisation, clients and candidates. I like to challenge the status quo and explore different ways of working collaboratively with clients and colleagues to bring out their skills and ideas. I know my strengths as a leader and people manager and can really utilise these in my role whilst moving the people and business forward.

There is a saying - "if you stand still, you will never move forward". I'm always moving forward, never stand still and never wait for the next step - I take it!

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess

CEO and Founder

Inclusive Recruiting & A little bit of HR


Proudly leading a disruptive recruitment agency, driving inclusion change in organisations. 

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess is a EDI, HR and employment law expert and a Fellow of the CIPD. She is a founder and the CEO of Inclusive Recruiting.

She is also the founder and Director of A little bit of HR, delivering HR services and employment advice to SMEs, helping them navigate HR, support employees, and deliver best practice and inclusive employment experiences.

Meet our Associates

Sarah Greaves

Associate Consultant

Sarah is passionate about supporting and aiding organisations to transition to the next step and enable positive change. Designing and facilitating workshops to help people see the importance and understand the impact of EDIB (equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging) in the workplace is a mission she is happy to be a part of.
Her superpower is the ability to be the light in a dark room. Whether it is by her encouraging words, helping or supporting wherever she can or her bubbly personality. Having good interpersonal skills enables her to be comfortable with speaking to anybody. She loves to talk and is a great listener too!

Marshah Dixon-Terry

Associate Consultant

Marshah is a Career Coach and Organisational Development Consultant specialising in change and transformation. Her work spans across multiple sectors, working for a range of organisations which have included City of London Police, Homes England, NSPCC and Versus Arthritis.
With twenty years of experience in HR strategy, project consultancy and leadership, she brings a wealth of expertise on career and leadership coaching and culture change, through diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging lenses.
Marshah partners with both individuals and organisations to facilitate and enable change – real change – that is purposeful, meaningful, inclusive, and sustainable.
Emma Brown

Emma Brown

Associate Consultant

Emma has nearly 20 years of experience working in Organisational Development and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging over a broad range of sectors. She has worked with all sorts of people and jobs, from Civil Servants to Zoo Keepers to Housebuilders. Emma is a qualified coach and a trainee Person-Centred Counsellor. She works with her clients to establish the ingredients of an inclusive culture, from listening to what matters to colleagues, developing the strategy to facilitating learning programmes.
The value of equity sits at the very core of Emma's being. She cares passionately about removing barriers and creating workplaces where people are valued for who they are, as they are.
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