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Welcome to our Candidate Zone.

With our proactive approach to building and developing our diverse talent pool, we support our candidates throughout the recruitment process, nurturing their career progression. We consider experience and values when matching your needs with the demands of our clients.

We have been able to secure a wide variety of placements for global and national clients, which have included opportunities to work remotely, on flexible hours or full-time contracts, including:

  • HR Director for an exclusive creative company
  • Strategic Partnerships Manager for a travel company
  • Head of Business Transformation and Change for a global hospitality and leisure chain
  • Organisation Development Consultant for a global charitable foundation

We know that the majority of our talent now come to us looking for flexible opportunities, but as time goes on or priorities change, many candidates also turn to us to help secure favourable permanent position

Be Seen For Your Talent

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – FREE WEBINAR*

6 December, 2021 12:00 PM UK

Join Nazish Bhaiwala, Career Coach, Imposter Specialist, former employment lawyer and qualified workplace mediator to overcome imposter syndrome. Feeling like an imposter at work and constantly fearing being ‘found out’ is not only exhausting, it can also make you feel lonely and anxious, and it can mean you struggle to ever really enjoy your success. However, it does not always have to be this way. By increasing your awareness and making some focussed shifts, you can start to feel much better.

In this session, you will increase your understanding of imposter feelings and also learn some key strategies to begin to overcome them and start to feel more in control.

*£25.00 deposit required (you will be refunded in full if you attend the events


Succeed At Interviews – FREE WEBINAR

10 November, 2021 12:00 PM UK

Join the Queen of Interviews and Dream Job Mentor Judy Bullimore to learn how to master job interviews. Discover how to think like an interviewer and develop techniques that will help you showcase your achievements and experience, and ensure you can give impressive, memorable answers!

To help you further with your interview preparation, you can download Judy’s ‘Interview Story Impression Technique’ guide here.

The 4 Pillars of LinkedIn Success – FREE WEBINAR

13 October, 2021 12:00 PM UK

Join the wonderful Mildred Talabi – LinkedIn Visibility Coach, Author of ‘Start Being Visible’ and Founder of Visible Women Tribe – to learn about ‘The 4 Pillars of LinkedIn Success’ and how you can apply them to help you land your next role. Build your personal brand and improve your employment opportunities!

Event resources:

  • Download a LinkedIn Profile Revamp Guide here.

  • Take a LinkedIn visibility test to see how visible you are! Go to to start.

Creating a Winning CV – FREE WEBINAR

16 September, 2021 12:00 PM UK

What challenges do you face when writing your CV? Inclusive Recruiting are delighted to be joined by Career Coach Mohammed Kasujee to learn how to create your winning CV. Find out the do’s and don’ts of structuring your CV, learn a formula to create your executive summary and how to present your key achievements.


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Candidate Testimonials

Rebecca, L&D Manager

“My experience with the Inclusive Recruiting team was fantastic. From the first time I was contacted about a possible role, through three rounds of interview and a tricky negotiation stage on the salary I desired, the recruitment team were incredibly supportive and constructive. I really think they made all the difference to me successfully getting a great job that I am enjoying thoroughly. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Stewart, Head of HR (UK)

“It was a pleasure working with Vanessa/Inclusive Recruiting when they placed me within my new position. They communicated continuously and took the time to understand my needs as well as demonstrating a clear understanding of their client’s needs. They were transparent throughout the process so I felt comfortable when making the decision to accept. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new opportunity!”