Candidate Zone

Our Talent

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with access to THE best talent, who are determined to dazzle and exceed all expectations!

That’s why we carefully select our candidates, considering their experience and matching their needs with the demands of our clients. There’s no sacrifice for either client or candidate, but there is plenty of glory, as successful placements are made first time.

On our books we have highly-skilled candidates including a head of personnel for an international corporate bank, a head of talent for a leading supermarket chain and a director for a global telecom giant. We have been able to put them in touch with the opportunities they want, and with their experience, deserve.

We have been able to secure a wide variety of placements for global and national clients, which have included opportunities to work remotely, on flexible hours or full-time contracts, including:

  • HR Director for an exclusive creative company
  • Strategic Partnerships Manager for a travel company
  • Head of Business Transformation and Change for a global hospitality and leisure chain
  • Organisation Development Consultant for a global charitable foundation

We know that the majority of our talent now come to us looking for flexible opportunities, but as time goes on or priorities change, many candidates also turn to us to help secure favourable permanent positions.

Candidate Testimonials

Rebecca, L&D Manager

“My experience with the Inclusive Recruiting team was fantastic. From the first time I was contacted about a possible role, through three rounds of interview and a tricky negotiation stage on the salary I desired, the recruitment team were incredibly supportive and constructive. I really think they made all the difference to me successfully getting a great job that I am enjoying thoroughly. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Stewart Turner, Head of UK HR

“It was a pleasure working with Vanessa/Inclusive Recruiting when they placed me within my new position. They communicated continuously and took the time to understand my needs as well as demonstrating a clear understanding of their client’s needs. They were transparent throughout the process so I felt comfortable when making the decision to accept. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new opportunity!”