The business case for diversity is only getting stronger. We can help you build and embed diversity into your leadership teams.

Whatever your needs, our Executive Search specialists can deliver a diverse short-list of industry-leading candidates with the correct skill set, aptitude and cultural alignment to the direction of your organisation and its growth plans. We are focused on delivering solutions, not just CVs, and we actively encourage you to think outside the box to find people who will help your organisation to grow and evolve.

Our unique positioning, extensive experience, intersectional lenses, and valuable expertise enables us to support organisations to cultivate inclusive recruitment processes that are equitable and where every candidate can be their true selves. By building inclusivity into the process, we believe that our Executive Search will ensure we reach a wider applicant pool, increase applications from diverse candidates and ensure greater representation of the communities that you serve.

Sourcing high impact, talented changemakers to lead your teams and deliver your mission.

Our Executive Search Service entails extensive searches generated to identify all potential candidates for your role. We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and advise on the most effective strategy to ensure we deliver the most suitable talent for the job.

We partner with you and act as an extension of your organisation, identifying and engaging suitable candidates on your behalf and presenting you with an executive shortlist. Through our transparent, honest and collaborative partnership, we will manage your recruitment requirements at the highest service level to support you in securing diverse and exceptional talent.

Our Executive Search Team

Vanessa photoshoot_1

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess

CEO & Founder

Vanessa Johnson-Burgess FCIPD has 20 years’ experience in HR and EDI, and holds an MA in International HR Management. An employment law expert, Vanessa is the founder of Inclusive Recruiting, and also the founder of A little bit of HR, delivering on-demand HR services.

priya pic

Priya Cinar

Director of Strategic Recruitment Services

Priya Cinar has over 20 years’ experience in strategic operations, progression within organisations and leading change management. Priya is Director of Operations and Recruitment at Inclusive
Recruiting, managing client relationships and recruitment.

Key stages of the service:


Establish search priorities

+Determine the skills, knowledge, and abilities required, offering insight and fresh perspectives on how the organisation can think about their needs.

+Develop a customised brief for the position alongside a candidate specification that details the company, the role, responsibilities, goals, and key challenges for the position, as well as the experience, qualifications, and competencies required for success.


Determine search strategy

+Our team conducts targeted research into companies and sectors to find people with the relevant skills, experience, and qualifications.

+Develop a long list of the best-qualified prospects for the role.

+Contact prospects to identify and qualify them.


How we attract and evaluate candidates

+We approach potential candidates to test their interest in the role.

+Conduct competency-based and technical interviews with candidates based on the proven skills, knowledge, abilities, and aptitudes outlined in the position specification.

+Develop a shortlist of candidates with the qualifications and interest in the position.


Present most qualified candidates for client interview

+We’ll present you with the most qualified candidates based on analysis and appraisal against the specification.

+Draw on external views on each candidate to confirm and enhance knowledge of the candidate’s achievements and track record.

+Perform an executive capabilities assessment and present our interview pack.


Complete the search

+Once you’ve selected your preferred candidate, conducted thorough background checks and referencing to further assess competencies, strengths, and weaknesses.

+We assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help conclude the search.

+We communicate regularly with you and the shortlist of candidates during the transition.

+We periodically follow up with you and the candidate once the search is closed, checking in on ongoing fit and progress of the transition.

Companies in the top quartile of ethnic and cultural diversity, were 36% more likely to out-perform on
‘return on equity’. Companies in the top quartile of gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to experience above average profitability than peer companies.

(World Economic Forum, 2022)