Let Inclusive Recruiting’s EDI expertise help you to create lasting change 

We exist to eradicate inequality and inequity from workplaces.

Hiring a candidate from a diverse background, one person, can have an impact but not enough to change the organisation. It’s token diversity and the candidate will soon feel frustrated and want to leave. If, as an organisation, you do not change your recruitment practices and continue to recruit in the same way, there will never be any real change. And so the cycle will continue…

We are committed to partnering with organisations to revolutionise their recruitment processes and transform their culture, fostering equity and inclusion at every stage, and creating environments where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

What we offer:

Recruitment Process Review

Make your entire hiring process more inclusive to attract diverse candidates

    • Snapshot of recruitment lifecycle
    • Information gathering from hiring managers and candidates
    • Pinpoint inconsistencies and inefficiencies
    • Ensure process compliance
Recruitment Training

Bite-size inclusive recruitment workshops to increase the diversity of your hires

  • Interactive bite-size workshops
  • Personalised sessions
  • Online resources
  • Ongoing support
Talent Acquisition Strategy Development

Build a comprehensive plan to attract, assess and hire diverse candidates

  • Embed true equity and inclusion
  • Full process and practice build
  • Develop a comprehensive plan
  • Recruitment life-cycle strategy
Recruitment Toolkit

Resources to navigate the full talent acquisition process, eliminating bias and inequity

  • Build knowledge and awareness
  • Provide a better, more inclusive experience
  • Streamline your recruitment process
  • Reduce hiring costs
Recruitment Marketing

Maximise candidate attraction with a best practice approach to job adverting

  • Embed clarity into your ad campaigns
  • Support with job pack creation, landing pages, social media activity
  • Promote your commitment to EDI and belonging
  • Attract a wider pool of talent

  • Take a more comprehensive and long-term approach to tackle the root causes of bias and inequity
  • Embed real change within your recruitment practices (not just a performative tick box)
  • 10 years+ of expertise consulting and delivering inclusive recruitment practices, training sessions and workshops
  • Innovative and focused on best practice
  • Unbiased, intersectional approach
  • Tailored to you

"We have had outstanding support."

We’ve been working with Inclusive Recruiting for two years now and first started working with them when we wanted to overhaul our recruitment practices, and needed some help to ensure that inclusivity and a fantastic candidate experience were embedded in our process. We have had outstanding support, from changing the way we write our Person Specifications, our standard assessment practices and training hiring managers across the organisation to helping us establish ongoing processes and still now continuing to support the recruitment of individual roles.
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"Our priority was to get a diverse pool of applicants to consider for the appointment and to make our recruitment process as inclusive as possible."

We appreciate Inclusive Recruiting’s ongoing communications, steer on changes in our processes to ensure we attract applicants who may not usually apply to work for us and how to make the interview a positive experience. We also appreciated that their priority was the applicant’s journey during the recruitment process and after they were onboarded.
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Head of Learning and Impact, Co-op foundation